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by Phil Jones Published 09/09/2010

The Bridegroom on his own

Generally it is more often than not better to photograph the bridegroom as a three quarter length, as apposed to just a head and shoulders.

A three quarters study will allow the photographer to show aspects of the suit and it's style and cut.

Occasionally a full length can be appropriate and successful though is dependant on a good setting.

Pose the groom with his shoulder at a slight angle to the camera lens and suitable far enough from the background to ensure that when you set your aperture to low f-stop that the background drops out of recognisable focus or in other words not too sharp.

Spend a little extra time making certain that everything is neat and tidy, this will include is neckwear, button hole, pocket flaps, shirt cuffs and hair. All of which will go towards a more rounded professional image.

Engage the groom in light conversation in order to achieve a pleasing expression, but do not over-do the smile, but keep it natural.

While this image is always popular in the wedding album, it is also well-liked by the grooms parents as often it is rare that they have an image of their son looking dressed up in a suit and tie with his hair groomed. The bride herself will often purchase a copy either as a wallet size or maybe an enlargement for her dressing table or for her desk at work

Remember to make know all the available sizes that you offer along with presentation ideas such as frames, folios and folders.

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