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by Phil Jones Published 09/09/2010

Bride and bridesmaids

Consider this image as a full length or three quarter shot to give a little variety to the selection

Start by placing the bride and building the bridesmaids around her with the same diligence given to that of all group shots.

This image allows for the bridesmaids to focus on the camera lens are to portray a more meaningful story, for example the bride may be showing the group her wedding ring Needless to say that all the subjects in the group must be concentrating on the same thing as just one who is distracted will spoil the narrative.

The closer the camera is to the group then the higher it must be, for a full length group the camera height is about waist level, though as moved closer the height is gradually raised.

Usually there are plenty vibrant colours within the group from the flowers and the bridesmaid's dress, so it is therefore essential that the background remains uncluttered. The background of the image will make an images sink or swim. Try to pick simple backgrounds at all times.

Avoid harsh light so a sheltered area is preferable, whenever possible research the location prior to the wedding so that distractions can be avoided

If possible use an alternative location to other group pictures to give variety to the wedding story, but always try to include things, which are relevant to the day.

The image is always popular in the wedding album and can generate additional sales from bridesmaid folios and friends and relatives of the couple.

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