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by Phil Jones Published 09/09/2010

The bride and her father

A full length shot is a must as this will not only show of the bridal gown, but also her flowers and veil, additionally it will show of her father in his new or hired suit.

A pleasing shot can be created if again the church or wedding venue is included, though do make the pose a little more dynamic as apposed to the two subjects just standing side by side looking into the camera lens.

As with all wedding pictures pay careful attention to the background and make certain that it adds to the story of the wedding. Avoid taking the shot from the doorway looking down the path to the road is this may include passers by or street furniture such as bus stops and lampposts.

Try to photograph from somewhere around the church gate or slightly away from the building so you can include as much of the venue as you can. One image you may try is to get the bride and her father to turn and look back to the camera position, though careful not to over-rotate the necks, as this will look uncomfortable and unnatural.

As an alternative take the image closer to the building and naturally frame with the doorway.

Bride and father is a significant image to take at a wedding, as it is the father who is about to give away his daughter.

The image will feature prominently in the storybook album and also has potential for additional sales is framed enlargements or in folios and purchases by the bride, her parents, and possibly by other close family members such as grandparents.

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