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by Phil Jones Published 09/09/2010

Signing the register

It is always a good idea to take a look inside the vestry for church weddings prior to the couple arriving to actually sign the register. Reason being they can often be small and cluttered.

The appropriate angle and camera position can be decided in advance and a decision made if supplemental lighting is required and or if there is sufficient room for a tripod if available light is to be used.

Also the choice can be pre-made if the couple are to be both sat, both standing or one sitting, thus fore-planning will avoid a hasty decision.

If the bride is seated then have the groom lean a little into towards the bride, one hand can be placed delicately on her shoulder, but do not extend the fingers too far forward, the other hand may be lightly placed on the desk. Remember that the bride and groom need to be engaged in the same activity, in other words both looking at the register when which preferable or both looking at the camera lens.

Often this is the ideal opportunity to include the vicar, minister or registrant as after the wedding they have a habit of disappearing leaving the opportunity lost. Remember that they too have played an important role within the wedding.

If the room is small then do not be tempted to over-crowd by filling the image with both sets of parents, bridesmaids, ushers, best man and pages boys as this can lead to a rather squashed sardine tin type image. There will be many opportunities with more space to allow other images with them in later in the wedding.

Do keep the camera even and level to keep all architectural elements true, this is especially important if a wide-angle lens has to be employed.

If electronic flash has to be used, then make every attempt to soften the light, use a modifier or bounce the light to give even softer illumination. There is nothing more ugly than deep shadows behind the subjects0

Expressions should be that of a soft smile as apposed to grinning like 'Cheshire cats'; or looking miserable, so talk to the couple and get them to relax.

The signing of the marriage certificate is a vital part of the wedding story and will feature in the wedding album.

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1st Published 09/09/2010
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