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by Phil Jones Published 09/09/2010

The Bridesmaids together

This wedding photograph may be taken in several ways depending upon how many bridesmaids and their ages.

The group may be photographed - full length, three quarter or head and shoulders. A full length however will show the dress to their advantage.

Choose a location that adds to the story of the wedding, often it is a good idea to include the church or wedding venue. If it is a church wedding then use the lych gate to frame the group or path to the main church doorway. But of course do not include gravestones or anything else that may have a negative appearance within the frame.

If the setting is poorer then look for other architectural features such as doorways to frame your group, or as an alternative some images inside the venue may be more appropriate. However if shooting indoors be prepared and have adequate lighting equipment with you and balance the light. Do not just blitz them with flash, as this will give poor results.

If the location is crowded or poor use the same techniques as mentioned with the groom that is to use a wide aperture and throw the background out of focus.

Take a little extra time with group construction and remember to design an interesting pleasing shape with all heads equal distance apart

The bridesmaids are important to both sets of families and friends and are an important part of the wedding story. Potential sales are wide as not only will the image appear in the album but additional copies will be sought after by the bridesmaids themselves and their families.

The other benefit of taking great images of the bridesmaids is that they may be the brides of tomorrow and therefore your next potential customer.

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